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Welcome to PDPlan4Exercise

Welcome to PDPlan4Exercise, co-founded by two former couch potatoes -- Sheryl Jedlinski and Jean Burns of PDPlan4Life. It wasn't until Parkinson's disease started robbing us of our ability to complete simple every day tasks, like putting on our own socks and shoes, that we saw the error of our ways and got ourselves moving. We discovered the mantra, "use it or lose it," is most appropriate for people with Parkinson's (PWP).

It is never too late to start exercising. Regardless of how advanced your Parkinson’s is, you can still realize the benefits of exercise. If you are dependent on a wheelchair, walker, or cane to get around, there are seated exercise programs that can help you. As always, check with your doctor before beginning any exercise plan.

Researchers and doctors tell us that daily exercise is more effective in slowing the progression of PD than any drug currently on the market. If you are already exercising, especially with friends or relatives, please share your story here, and let us know what works and doesn’t work for you. If something you read here speaks to you, post your comment on that thread.

We are not advocating a specific exercise program; but rather strategies, like what we call “Parkinson’s Pals,” that motivate you to stick with whatever exercise plan you choose. At one time or another, each of us has received help from someone else. This is our opportunity to “pay it forward.”

If you know someone who has Parkinson’s and isn’t exercising, be a “Pal” and get them moving. Take them to a gym or take them for a walk around the block. Exercise begins with one small step.

Sheryl Jedlinski

If you are exercising with someone who has Parkinson’s, please post your story on our success stories page. We would like to know what is and isn’t working for you both. 

Positions available: Parkinson's Pals

By Sheryl’s Pal -- Tem

Job description: Be able to have fun, laugh, encourage, support, and have a positive, but realistic attitude, be a good listener, honest in your relationship.

photo of Tem

Find activities your ‘Parkinson’s’ Pal’ would like to do that will be challenging, but realistic. Set the bar high. My ‘Parkinson’s Pal’ is now a great swimmer where before she did not even like to put her face in the water. She now dons flippers, hand paddles, and swim cap and does at least a ½ miles whenever we swim, pushing herself through every stroke. The realism part: She does not do the butterfly.

Criteria: Pick your Parkinson’s Pal because you click on many levels and can truly be friends. It is like any other relationship with a person you truly care about and share with; you will be allied in a struggle because you are friends. There must be trust and camaraderie.

Find a ‘Pal’ and Have Fun.


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